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Why You Should Define Your Audience Before You Write Your Book

Before you begin to write your book you should know who you’re writing it for.how to write a book - define your target audience Knowing your audience will help you not only develop your manuscript, but identify methods for marketing your book and evaluate your total sales potential. Since you are crafting your book as a way to grow your business, your customers or alliance partners will likely be a primary consideration.

Are you writing a book for:

  • Moms of toddlers?
  • Teens?
  • Men who are sports fanatics?
  • Realtors?
  • Realtors who market to the affluent?
  • Independent business owners?
  • Corporate executives?
  • Corporate employees?
  • Dog owners?
  • Cat owners
  • Low-income individuals?
  • High-income individuals?
  • Single women?
  • Married women?
  • Men ages 25-45?
  • Retirees?

Think about your target audience and how your book can appeal to them. What do they want to know? How you can your book meet their needs? What problem does your book solve? Though your book may appeal to more than one target demographic, having a main audience in mind will make all the difference when it comes time to market your work.