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How Authoring Books Has Impacted My Career and My Life

Article by Stephanie Chandler

Books have enhanced my life in more ways than I can count. As a child, I was the kid on the playground with my nose in a book. I still read as much as possible. Books line shelves around my house, and down a long hallway. I have also embraced ebooks and audio books—my Kindle and iPod are both fully loaded at all times. I especially love that as a mom, I get to share one of my greatest loves with my other greatest love—my 5-year old son.

It only makes sense that with such a love for the written word, I would write a few words myself. Since 2005 I have authored seven books, and contributed to at least a dozen other books. I count my blessings every day that I get to do what I love (and get paid for it!).

Aside from the joy of writing and reading books, being an author has come with some great advantages. Here’s a snapshot of what writing a book has done for me lately.


  • I recently began blogging for Forbes.
  • Just this morning I received a media inquiry (request for an interview).
  • Later this month I’ll be in Minneapolis to give a speaking engagement and doing some work for my corporate sponsor, Deluxe Corporation.
  • I’ve had media coverage in all kinds of publications from the NY Times to BusinessWeek.
  • I’ve been a guest on TV shows from the local morning news to Sunrise 7, Australia’s version of The Today Show.
  • I’ve logged over 100 speaking engagements in recent years, not to mention countless webinars and internet radio interviews.
  • Writing and promoting books has brought me many new clients, plus great relationships with peers and alliance partners.

It’s hard to imagine where I would be if I hadn’t become an author. It has transformed my career and my life, allowed me to cross off some big items on my bucket list, and every bit of the journey has been incredibly rewarding.

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, move that goal up the priority list! Don’t wait another day. It just might be one of the most rewarding accomplishments of your life!