If you have a charge on your credit card from “ST Authority Publishing” in Gaithersburg, MD, please contact this phone number: (877) 806-8697.

I am adding this page to our site to address erroneous credit card charges from a company listed as “ST Authority Publishing” in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We have received numerous calls to inquire about charges on credit cards from this company.

Please understand that we are in NO WAY affiliated with “ST Authority Publishing.”

After much research, I have learned that these charges are coming from “Street Authority Publishing,” which appears to publish newsletters related to stock investments.

My company, Authority Publishing, is located in Gold River, California (near Sacramento). We specialize in custom book publishing services. I am a small business owner who has worked very hard to build a great reputation and deliver excellent services to our clients. It has been frustrating and disheartening to receive several dozen phone calls in recent months about “ST Authority Publishing”, and I have finally tracked down their information:

Street Authority
4601 Spicewood Springs Rd. Building 3, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78759

Please contact them directly to dispute erroneous credit card charges.

Thank you and best wishes,

Stephanie Chandler

CEO, Authority Publishing in Gold River, CA