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How to Read a Document on Your Kindle

I read a lot of manuscripts and reports so figuring out how to view them on my how to read a word or pdf document on your kindleKindle was a life-saver! Amazon allows you to email documents including Word docs, HTML files, and Jpgs to your Kindle and convert them for easy reading. Note that PDFs aren’t guaranteed to convert properly, though they have always worked fine for me.

Amazon charges a minor fee for file conversion to Kindle, which is currently $.15 per megabyte (even a large text-based document will likely cost you less than a dollar to convert). Here’s how:

1. Go to www.amazon.com/manageyourkindle and login with your Amazon account information.

2. Click on Personal Document Settings in the left side bar.

3. Here you will find your Kindle email address. This is the address you will use to send your documents to your device.

4. Scroll down a little further and look for Approved Personal Document E-mail List. Here is where you can list one or more email addresses that you approve to send documents to your Kindle. If you use multiple email addresses for your business, you may want to add them all. Note that if you want to send from multiple email addresses on the same domain, you can set it up for just the domain (i.e. authoritypublishing.com).

5. Send an email with the file attached from an approved email list to your Kindle email account. It typically takes just a few minutes to arrive so sync your Kindle and your new file should appear just like any other ebook document!

For additional information, here are guidelines from Amazon.