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Murray Clarke, Author of Natural Baby-Healthy Child

From allergies to autism, asthma, ear infections, colds, flus, and ADD/ADHD, Natural Baby—Healthy Child: Alternative Health Care photo of Natural Baby bookSolutions is the ultimate guide in natural healing and remedies for your child. The last 40 years have shown a global epidemic rise in children suffering from poor health and chronic health conditions. Why? And what do you, the parent, need to do to protect your child’s health in today’s world?

The underlying causes of these chronic disorders include our polluted environment, unhealthy foods and diet, sedentary lifestyle, and misguided allopathic/pharmaceutical medical treatments. It is crucial that you protect your child from anything that can obstruct or compromise his or her growth and development, while supporting and improving health from within.

Drawing from a variety of disciplines, Dr. Murray Clarke presents a rich range of options for both preventing and healing a variety of health concerns in a detailed but easily and quickly referenced style. These options include diet, environmental detoxification, nutritional supplementation, and holistic modalities including homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture. From pre-conception preparation to pregnancy, to the baby’s first year and on throughout childhood, Natural Baby—Healthy Child is an essential medical road map that will help you keep your child firmly on the path to robust, long-term good health and the realization of the full potential of body, mind and soul.