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Carol Ryan, Author of Right Now Is Perfect: A Romance, an Adventure, the Unexpected Thereafter

Carol Anita Ryan always wanted to be an anthropologist and/or a travel writer, but to actually earn a living she had a career in Carol RyanInformation Technology. She pursued her other interests by traveling extensively between positions. Her last traveling adventure is the basis for her memoir, Right Now Is Perfect. This story is part love story, part adventure–sailing across the South Pacific, and concludes with the unexpected diagnosis of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She now lives in northern California with her poodle, Napoleon.

This book is for everyone who dreams of finding a soul mate, ditching a job, and sailing off into the sunset–or for those who are more practical and would rather read about it! A mid-life divorcee falls in love with  a charismatic free spirit. When invited to realize a lifelong dream of sailing across the Pacific, she heeds the call of romance, throws caution to the wind and leaves her IT career behind. The story of an imperfect romance on a crowded sailboat unfolds as the four-person crew sails among the beautiful, isolated islands of the South Pacific. French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, American Samoa, Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand are the landfalls you’ll discover along the way. But that’s not all! The story moves to the west coast of America and Mexico as the two sailors re-adjust to life on land. Will their love affair survive? Just when it seems it might, an unexpected development throws everything into question. Check out the book on Amazon! the book Right Now is Perfect