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Author Interview: Kelli Davis – Porcelain Soldier: Discovering Gratitude in Cancer

Author Kelli DavisAuthor Name: Kelli Davis

Book Title: Porcelain Soldier: Discovering Gratitude in Cancer

Website URL: www.porcelainsoldier.com

Social Media Links: http://www.facebook.com/PorcelainSoldierBook

What is your book about?

A book written from the heart, Porcelain Soldier will give you a glimpse inside the delicate balance of strength and frailty that exists in battling cancer.

At age twenty-eight, Kelli Davis is young, in a promising relationship, and has just embarked on an exciting, fulfilling career that she is passionate about and is taking her places. Then, one night, she is rushed to the emergency room with severe pain in her arm, and is discharged three hours later with a completely unexpected diagnosis: cancer.

[From the Hospital] Disposition—Discharged: The patient was discharged ambulatory accompanied by significant other. The significant other is ready, alert and willing to learn. The patient’s diagnosis, condition, and treatment were explained to the patient and the patient expressed understanding.

With doctors by her side, Kelli finds comfort in adhering to a strict medical plan, but there is no prescription for how to live life after cancer. Porcelain Soldier: Discovering Gratitude in Cancer is an intimate, honest journey that follows Kelli as she attempts to answer the questions “Why did I get cancer?” and “What am I supposed to learn from it?”, allowing readers to see and feel her struggles to regain a so-called normal life.

Now, if Kelli were to walk out of those same hospital doors today, she would rewrite her discharge report this way:

Disposition—Discharged: The patient was discharged ambulatory accompanied by a greater sense of being. The future significant other will appreciate vulnerability, celebrate wisdom, and mean the words “in sickness and in health.” The patient’s diagnosis, condition, and treatment were explained to the patient and the patient expressed understanding, gratefulness, desire to recognize and appreciate the lessons cancer has to offer, and a great outlook on tomorrow.

What inspired you to write your book?

I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2006. After completing the treatment, I transitioned from existing in life to living life. Back in January, I woke up with an outline for a book in my head. I decided to follow this thought and complete the book.

Can you describe a typical day in your life?

I am currently in remission and visit the doctors every three months for exams. I work as a Brand Manager for a large West Coast sandwich franchise.

Are there any people and/or books that have inspired you along your journey?

This book is dedicated to Kirby, Nic, and Erik. They displayed how to maintain true character despite facing adversity at a young age. In my opinion, they had every right to be angry and give up on life after their parent passed away when they were young. But instead all three chose to make their parents proud and lead a life full of smiles, selflessness, integrity and most of all with no self-pity.

Can you share some of your best advice for our readers?

Cancer is dark. You feel a darkness in your body, your mind constantly fights to overcome dark thoughts, you search for the light at the end of the tunnel, and the days following each chemo treatment you try hard to raise your eyelids, but find you are not strong enough. You become comfortable in the dark.

I will never be the same again. I take away several lessons from this experience:

1. Do not make any major decisions during this time, as you will find yourself, as this nears the end, wanting things to go back to the way they were.

2. The importance of a savings account.

3. I am not afraid to die.

4. Every person loves and supports in a unique way. Sometimes you don’t realize the impact until later.

5. A simple smile, call, or card can make a person’s day.

6. Do not pass judgment until you walk in another’s shoes.

7. I am surrounded by selfless people.

8. Love deeper.

9. Experience all the world has to offer.

10. I am not invincible.

What’s next for you?

I look forward to the end of being sick. But more importantly, I look forward to being referred to as the hard worker, the traveling grandchild, the fun sister, the good friend, and the successful child. Not the girl with cancer.

How did Authority Publishing help you with your author journey?

Authority Publishing offered the guidance, expertise and organization I needed to turn my chicken scratch into a book. They provided valuable feedback while still allowing me the creative control to publish the book I had envisioned.  This book is a product of team work between Authority Publishing and myself.

Porcelain Soldier: Discovering Gratitude in Cancer by Kelli Davis