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Custom Website Design and Blog Implementation for Authors

Custom Author Website, Author Blog DevelopmentYour website should be as dazzling as your book. It should promote your book, showcase your unique skills, feature any services that you provide, and attract opportunities for media interviews, speaking engagements, consulting and more.

Authority Publishing offers professional website design services with sites built on the WordPress platform. This powerful management tool allows you to maintain the content on your site and requires no additional monthly support fees (aside from your regular website hosting fees). Our websites also includes a blog component, allowing you to take advantage of one of the most powerful internet marketing tools available to authors.

Not sure if a blog is right for you?

Here are six key reasons to start blogging now:

Search Engines Love Blogs: The major search engines provide higher priority to sites that update data frequently. When you post to a blog several times each week, you content is constantly changing and growing. The search engines will reward your effort with improved search engine rankings (which can lead to more traffic on your website).

Build an Audience: A good blog can attract many new readers for your books. Visitors who like what you have to say will subscribe to your blog feed, sign up for your newsletter or purchase copies of your book.

Content is Archived Forever: Each post to your blog adds to your growing index of content. The more content you have, the more reasons you give the search engines to find you. For example, if you wrote a post last month about the lifespan of a blue butterfly, when someone searches the Internet for that particular subject, there is a good chance that your post will be returned in the search results (depending on the competition for the related keywords). The bottom line is that the more content you have, the better!

Establish Yourself as an Authority in Your Field: Hosting a blog is one of the quickest and easiest ways to showcase your expertise in your subject matter. When you share valuable tips and resources, you engage readers while building credibility in your industry.

Get Media Exposure: The media is constantly on the hunt for sources to interview for stories. From magazine and news reporters to major radio and television producers, blogs are becoming a strategic place for the media to find talented industry experts. As an author and a blogger, your value only increases in the eyes of the media.

Leverage and Re-purpose Blog Content: It doesn’t take long to build up a substantial amount of blog content. You can re-purpose your posts into articles, ebooks, books and reports. Many bloggers have found publishing success by building a loyal following online and then impressing publishers with a ready-made online “platform.”

Avoid the Do-it-Yourself Website Solutions and Make a Decision to Develop a Professional Author Website that Gets Results! Call us 877-800-1097 today to discuss your goals and receive a custom quote.