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How to Easily Add a PDF Document on to Your Amazon Kindle

Want to read a PDF document on your Kindle? It’s easy! Here’s how:How to Easily Load a PDF onto Your Amazon Kindle

Load a PDF onto Kindle:

Option 1: Install the Send to Kindle app on Your Computer. This free app enables you to easily right-click on any document and have it automatically sent to your Kindle.

PC users can set up the Send to Kindle app here.

Mac Users can set up the Send to Kindle app here.

Option 2: Email the File to your Free Kindle Email Account.

1. To locate your Kindle email address to go http://Amazon.com, click on My Account, scroll down and under “Digital Management” click on Manage Your Kindle. You will be prompted to login. On the left navigation bar, click on Personal Document Settings. Your Kindle email address appears at the top of the screen next to your device. Note that if you have registered a Kindle reader on your iPad or iPhone, you will find a separate email address listed next to each device.

Note that Amazon requires that you validate the email address that you send from. If you haven’t already done this, scroll down to “Personal Document Email List” and click on Add a New Approved Email Address.

2. After emailing the document, the PDF should appear in your Kindle menu shortly.

*Note that Amazon does not charge for personal document transfers sent over your own WiFi network, but if you use the built-in Whispernet to download your document, they charge $.15 per megabyte. More details on fees are available here.