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Nonfiction Authors: Why You Should Treat Your Book Like a Business

For a book to succeed, there are basic steps involved:nonfiction authors: Build a book marketing plan

  1. Start with a great book (well-written, edited, visually appealing)
  2. Identify your target audience (beyond “everyone,” narrow the focus)
  3. Figure out how to reach your target audience (what marketing strategies will get their attention?)
  4. Show them that your book meets a need (understand their needs so that you can properly position your book as a solution)
  5. Convince them to get out their wallets and make a purchase (make it easy by providing a way to purchase and making the process simple)

These steps are similar to any other entrepreneurial venture. If you’re selling a product or service, you’ve got to take the necessary steps to generate sales. With this in mind, consider the steps above along with the following questions:

  • Have you properly identified one or more ideal target audience for your book?
  • What are their needs/wants/desires and how does your book fit into that equation?
  • Where does your target audience spend time? What websites do they visit? What trade associations do they belong to? What magazines do they read? Identify at least ten ways you can reach them with marketing activities.
  • How is your book positioned for sale? Does it draw your audience in? Does your sales copy need to be revised? It’s a good idea to have some others look over your sales copy and give you feedback.

When you treat your book like a business and develop a focused plan for generating sales, you transform your book project from a hobby into a serious venture—something that will have a far better chance of success.