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List of Book Awards Programs for Indie Authors

There are a good number of book awards programs out there where authors can compete to win an award. Most awards programs chargeList of Book Awards Programs for Independent Authors a fee ranging from $35 to over $100 per entry, and the guidelines typically allow for books published in the previous calendar year. Some programs are extra-friendly to independent authors, and there are other programs that don’t even allow indie authors to participate (they clearly haven’t caught up with the times yet).

Authors often ask me if it’s worthwhile to participate in awards programs, and my answer is almost always YES. When your book receives an award, your title instantly changes to “award-winning author.” Your book will likely get some added publicity from the awards program itself, and you can get a lot of mileage from winning a single award.

Many programs provide stickers you can place on your books to promote your winning status, along with badges you can feature on your website. You can also update your book’s sales pages and descriptions on online bookstores to acknowledge the award. Your award-winning author status can impress prospective readers and boost sales. And perhaps even more importantly, winning an award can bring a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction. It’s a big accomplishment to write a book in the first place, and to have your work recognized can be quite rewarding.

Following are some top book awards programs for independent authors.

Ben Franklin Book Awards
Recognizing independently published books.
Ben Franklin Book Awards

Global Ebook Awards
The first awards program exclusively for ebooks, hosted by self-publishing godfather Dan Poynter.
Global Ebook Awards

Foreword Book of the Year
Hosted by Foreword magazine, this is an indie-friendly awards program.
Foreword Book of the Year Awards

Nautilus Book Awards
Recognizes books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living, and positive social change. Nautilus Book Awards info here.

National Indie Excellence Awards
Many categories to choose from and honoring independently published titles.
National Indie Excellence Awards

The Eric Hoffer Awards
Recognizing excellence in independently produced books.
Eric Hoffer Awards