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How to Leverage Podcasts, Internet Radio Shows and Teleseminars to Promote Your Books

Promote your books with internet radio interviews, podcasts, teleseminarsAs an author, one of my favorite book promotion strategies is to serve as a guest on online podcasts, teleseminars and Internet radio shows. Though I have done my share of traditional radio interviews, online interviews have many advantages:

-The show host will promote you to their networks prior to the show. Many promote interview announcements on numerous sites across the Internet.

-The shows are often archived online for years giving you ongoing promotion value.

-Many are now posting their shows on iTunes.

-You get far more time online. A traditional radio show might have you on for 5 to 15 minutes. An online show will often make you the primary guest for a full hour.

-Because many online listeners are sitting at a computer, they are more likely to visit your website or purchase your book right away. Listeners in a car have to jot down your information and remember it later.

-Online show hosts are always in need of guests so the opportunities are abundant.

To become a guest on an online teleseminar, podcast or internet radio program, start by putting together a brief pitch. Mention your credentials (I am an author/expert/consultant/speaker/etc.) and one to three suggested topics that you can cover. Highlight a few benefits of your discussion in a bulleted list and then send it to hosts and ask if they would be interested in having you as a guest.

Tips for locating interview opportunities:

-Search the Internet for keywords related your target audience plus “teleseminar,” “radio,” or “podcast.”

-Check sites like www.BlogTalkRadio.comwww.wsradio.com and www.airamerica.com to find relevant programs.

-Search podcasts on iTunes and visit the host’s website.

-Search for events on online directories to find shows that would be a good fit for you. Some directories to check are www.EventBrite.comwww.PlanetTeleclass.com andwww.SeminarAnnouncer.com.

-Always be on the lookout for opportunities. And remember that if you’re building an online platform as an expert, eventually these opportunities will start to find you!

Once you are invited to be a guest, provide the host with a media sheet. This should include a brief bio about you, your professional photo, an image of your book, and contact information. Most importantly, include a list of ten to twelve sample questions for the host. Most media professionals love these and may interview you directly from your list. Whether they use your questions or not, they will appreciate your professionalism.

Lastly, be sure to thank the host after every interview. Take the time to send a personal note. This is a great way to not only show your gratitude, but to be remembered and invited back in the future.