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How Authors Can Participate in Blog Carnivals

A blog carnival is a blog post that features a round-up of interesting blog posts from other websites. For example, a weight loss blog might How to participate in blog carnivalsfeature a round-up of recent blog posts from various weight loss experts, personal trainers, and other industry blogs. The round-up (carnival) usually includes between 10 to 50 blog posts, including article title and link for each, and sometimes a bit of commentary about what readers will learn from reading each post in the carnival. See a sample blog carnival from Joel Frielander’s blog here.

When one of your blog posts is featured in a carnival on a popular website, it can attract some great exposure and traffic. You can use Google to search for industry blogs that run “blog carnivals,” or you can utilize the top blog carnival website and search for opportunities to contribute: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/alist.html.

Conversely, you can also host blog carnivals on your own blog. To do this, create a regular feature on your blog, once a week or once per month, where you list compelling industry blog posts. You can find content from the industry blogs that you follow, use Google search to find resources, and you can also allow others to submit their posts for consideration (create a submission form on your site). You can also register your carnival for free and solicit contributions via  http://blogcarnival.com/bc/.

Once the carnival post is published live, notify contributors and ask them to promote the link to your carnival. If you are successful at locating the best of the best in your industry on a regular basis, you can attract lots of traffic from repeat visitors who want to discover interesting industry blog posts.