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The New Publishing Platform on LinkedIn: Why You Should Care and How to Contribute

The New Publishing Platform on LinkedIn: Why You Should Care and How to ContributeRecently I was invited to contribute to the new publishing platform on LinkedIn, which essentially works like a large business blogging community. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view posts there by signing in to LinkedIn, then going to the menu option Interests > Pulse. Here you will see content generated by industry influencers—content that is earning a lot of visibility and buzz online.

According to this announcement from LinkedIn, the publishing platform is currently in beta testing with about 25,000 contributors. You will recognize some big names, including Richard Branson and Bill Gates, alongside influential authors and speakers like Gretchen Rubin and Gary Vaynerchuk. And further down the page you’ll see contributors you don’t yet recognize.

LinkedIn says that the average post receives 31,000 views, 250 likes, and 80 comments. I have only recently begun posting there and can’t say I’ve achieved numbers that high yet, but the data is promising. Best of all, LinkedIn is inviting business influencers to apply to become a contributor, and many are getting approved.

Reasons Why You Should Contribute:

1. The visibility can be great and can help you reach a much bigger audience, allowing you to further establish authority in your field.

2. Readers can choose to follow your posts, which means they will see your new content in their news feeds and network updates, even if they aren’t connected with you the traditional way on LinkedIn.

3. Getting in early could have its rewards. LinkedIn plans to roll out this option to the general public eventually (no date has been announced). That could dilute this platform and make it rather noisy. However, those of us who get on board early will have an edge on the newcomers because we have a chance to build an audience and gain followers early.

4. There are no parameters regarding what kind of content you can share here, which means that you can re-publish content from your blog or other sources. Though Google doesn’t like duplicate content when it comes to search, if the post has already been on your site for 30+ days, it should be safe to publish it elsewhere because it’s already indexed by Google on your site. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t produce new content, but it certainly makes it easier to hop on board. I’d suggest that if you do repurpose content, mix it up a bit by changing the title and refreshing the first couple of paragraphs (which could help with better Google search visibility).

I personally think this is a smart move for LinkedIn, which will help the company earn loyalty from the business community and also generate more traffic. And it’s a fantastic opportunity for authors and service-based business owners who have business-related content to share.

Interested in contributing? Apply for the LinkedIn Publishing Platform here.

4 Responses to The New Publishing Platform on LinkedIn: Why You Should Care and How to Contribute

  1. Thanks for the info. I have noticed some posts from certain contributors on linkedin. One of the things that I have noticed though, is that many people feel that they may be more of an expert on a particular topic and make ridiculous comments in the reply section. To me, if someone is kind enough to post and share their thoughts, they are doing something positive for others, so I think that the comments should be monitored more closely. I just wanted to share my observations because it may be an overall positive, but beware of those who post negative stuff just to try and get noticed!


  2. Ken Theriot says:

    Thanks for the information. I was offered the invitation to contribute on LinkedIn today. Your post was very helpful.



  3. Thanks for your feedback, Barbara!

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