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2010 Nonfiction Writers Conference Recordings

Nonfiction Writers Conference Recordings

The Nonfiction Writers Conference ROCKED! We had a wonderful conference with 18 speakers over three days. The speakers did a phenomenal job of packing their sessions with content and participants gave the conference overwhelmingly positive reviews.  The conference was even featured in Writers Digest magazine! The content was just too good to go to waste

Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts Lists

internet radio shows and podcasts list

I’m Stephanie Chandler, CEO of Authority Publishing. As an author of several books, one of my favorite promotion strategies is serving as a guest for internet radio shows. Unlike traditional radio where you might get five to eight minutes during morning rush hour when people are in their cars and not in a position to make

Media Lists and Press Release Distribution

Media Lists and Press Release Distribution Services

One of the best ways to promote your books is with PR exposure. When your book is mentioned (or featured!) in a print publication, or you’re a guest on a radio or t.v. show, buyers pay attention. Many successful authors will tell you that media exposure was the key to their success. With this in