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2010 Nonfiction Writers Conference Recordings

2010 Nonfiction Writers Conference Recordings

The Nonfiction Writers Conference ROCKED!

Nonfiction Writers Conference RecordingsWe had a wonderful conference with 18 speakers over three days. The speakers did a phenomenal job of packing their sessions with content and participants gave the conference overwhelmingly positive reviews.  The conference was even featured in Writers Digest magazine!

The content was just too good to go to waste so we are making the recordings available for purchase.  The recordings and transcripts are available for immediate download upon purchase.

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Includes all 18 recordings available for immediate download.
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Conference in a Box + Transcripts – $550

Includes all 18 recordings and transcripts for all sessions, all available for immediate download.
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$29 Each or $39 for Recording Plus Transcript

Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts Lists

Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts Lists

I’m Stephanie Chandler, CEO of Authority Publishing. As an author of severalStephanie Chandler on Internet Radio Show Lists books, one of my favorite promotion strategies is serving as a guest for internet radio shows. Unlike traditional radio where you might get five to eight minutes during morning rush hour when people are in their cars and not in a position to make a purchase or take notes, being a guest on internet radio shows has many advantages. Most internet radio shows:

  • Feature guests for 15 minutes up to a full hour.
  • Conduct interviews by phone. You can participate from anywhere—even in your pajamas!
  • Promote guests to their online networks and social media outlets before AND after the show.
  • Archive show recordings on their websites and/or on iTunes.
  • Target a specific audience. For example, there are radio shows on parenting, running a small business, healthy living, technology, investing, personal growth, and career development. There are also shows with more narrow niches such as selling on eBay, mastering your Blackberry, freelance design, search engine optimization, numerology, and stress management, just to name a few.

Until now, the only media lists you could purchase were those that covered traditional radio. I spent months working with researchers to compile two primary lists of internet radio programs: Business and Lifestyle.

What’s Included in Our Internet Radio Show and Podcast Lists

  • Over 200 internet radio programs and podcasts on each list. Many of internet radio shows and podcasts listthese programs are archived on iTunes for additional guest exposure.
  • Details for each program include a description of topics covered, name of show, host name, website link to program, and e-mail address for pitches. When available, additional information is also included such as phone number, fax, date show began airing, and additional notes. Note that our primary goal was to capture e-mail addresses for pitch submissions, though a small percentage of shows require submissions via a website link, which is included.
  • Shows on our lists have been on the air for at least one year (to ensure a larger audience).
  • Each list is neatly organized in an Excel spreadsheet.

Topics Included in Our Internet Radio Show and Podcast Lists

Business List – 225 Shows

Entrepreneurship, Business Start-up, Marketing, Buying/Selling a Business, Productivity, Finance, Management, Human Resources, Leadership, and a variety of related niche topics.

Lifestyle List – 222 Shows

Coaching, Empowerment, Relationships, Self-help, Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Diseases, Medical Conditions, Weight Loss, Exercise, Health Care, Women’s Issues, and a variety of related niche topics.

Here’s a Sample Preview of Our Internet Radio Show and Podcast List:

Sample Internet Radio Shows List

Download Our FREE Bonus Report:
How to Pitch Yourself as a Guest for Radio Interviews
By Stephanie Chandler

This 13-page report includes:

  • The Benefits of Internet Radio Interviews
  • Sample Radio Show Pitch
  • Considerations When Sending Your Pitch
  • How to Create Your Media Sheet and Sample Interview Questions
  • Sample Media Sheet
  • Tips for How to Be a Great Radio Show Guest
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Download Our FREE Bonus Report: How to Pitch Yourself as a Guest for Internet Radio Interviews

Who Should Use These Lists

These lists are intended for you if you are an author, speaker, authority in your field, public relations professional, virtual assistant, marketing professional, PR or marketing firm, or anyone who wants to reach this powerful medium for promotion.

“I have been using Stephanie Chandler’s list of business-oriented online radio List of internet radio shows, podcasts, business, lifestyle, self-help, healthshows to offer interviews in conjunction with my recent book launch.  The list is tremendous.  I have sent email pitches to 172 show hosts and have booked 25 interviews without any proactive follow-up.  That’s a close ratio of 14%.  So far, I have done 16 of those interviews and love watching my Amazon sales rank improve in real time.  The people listening to blog talk radio and other online radio shows can open a new browser window and purchase your book right away, making it a formidable channel to spread the word.  Stephanie’s list is among my top five strategies to build awareness and drive book sales.”
Patrick Schwerdtfeger, author of Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed

Purchase an Internet Radio Show and Podcast List

Our lists are a bargain at just $99 each! Please note that by purchasing our lists, you agree to the following:

  • You will not sell or rent this information as these lists are copyright protected.
  • You will not send mass e-mail or otherwise spam contacts on these lists.
  • You will use these lists for their intended purpose only—to book yourself or your clients for internet radio shows.

*Lists cleaned and updated as of July 1, 2016

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Media Lists and Press Release Distribution

Media Lists and Press Release Distribution

One of the best ways to promote your books is with PR exposure. When your Media Lists and Press Release Distribution Servicesbook is mentioned (or featured!) in a print publication, or you’re a guest on a radio or t.v. show, buyers pay attention. Many successful authors will tell you that media exposure was the key to their success.

With this in mind, we have partnered with Gebbie Press to bring you the most comprehensive media lists available, plus press release distribution services. Gebbie Press is one of the most respected sources for media lists, available in print or in downloadable spreadsheets.

Gebbie Press offers the following media lists:
1,400+ Daily Newspapers
5,600+ Weekly Newspapers
10,000+ Radio Stations, AM and FM
1,400+ TV Stations

These listings include e-mail addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, websites, circulation figures, metro market ranks, and readership profiles.

In addition, Gebbie Press offers comprehensive Press Release distribution. PR Pro is a powerful service that allows you send your press release directly to radio stations, print publications, and television stations with a click of a button.

At Authority Publishing, we don’t endorse very many products and services. We are highly selective! However, because we use the services offered by Gebbie Press to promote our clients, we are confident in making this recommendation for you. Media coverage is essential to reaching a large audience. If you want your book to be successful, do not wait another day! Get started with your own professional PR campaign using these powerful tools!

Click here to learn more about media lists and press release services offered by Gebbie Press!